Weekly February 8th-12th  


Step Up 

The Step Up Application will close on February 15th have your Minneapolis students apply here. We may be having a few other key internships in tech that we will contact students with. These opportunities will be contacted with Step up, so have them get their application in. More details for these opportunities will be available soon. 


Site One-On-One 

Our goal is to have your site leader, your crucial LEAP staff (JAG teacher and Case Coordinator, and possibly the site director), and any other staff members you designate dig deep into what your site needs.  We will be leaning into evaluating the postsecondary plans of each young person who is close to earning that secondary credential and ensuring that they have the support to make their next step toward their career goals. We will share out the update to these meetings on Tuesday, February 9th.


Apricot Guide

Adam has started to put together this Apricot Guide to show how to pull-start roster and student data. Adam also is working on a checklist so we all know when certain forms need to be done.


Gear Up

We are up to 10 students who are interested in the Gear Up Automotive Internships. Our goal is to engage 12 of our students with this opportunity. Please continue to share this opportunity with your students during your updates. We will send out a short promo video, sharing a bit more about Gear Up along with a tour of the spare they will be working in. Also, I attached a flyer in your email that you can share with female students to drive and promote their interest in the field of automotive. Here is a link to a short tour of the space students will be working in. You should share out the video with interested students. 


Another key element is that students will get paid $14.25 per hour with the internship. Also, We will assist and provide resources to help students attain their driver’s license if they do not have one. Please have students fill out this short google form, indicating their interest, and I can assist with getting students connected to the Automotive playlist on LRNG. The application is now open, and we will help students with the application and other requirements. 


REAL Time Coordinator

In December, a group of young people from across the LEAP network met to problem solve how to increase engagement for young people in LEAP sites.  Different proposals were offered and an audience of youth and adults voted on the proposal to be funded.  REAL Time, a sort of "recess" for young adults, was selected.

To build out the proposal, we are looking to hire four REAL Time Coordinators to lead the implementation of the project and work with one of the LEAP staff.  Each position will be paid $15 per hour and can expect to work 10-15 hours a week.  At this point, all work will be virtual. Students can apply here.


Have a great week!