Radio Internship

LEAP Minnesota has partnered with KRSM Radio for a weekly, one hour show as a platform for youth voice. Through our show, Eternal Rebirth, young people will have the opportunity to learn the basics of audio recording and production, practice interview skills and storytelling. 

Meet the Our Current Interns

Drake Pooya Mobarghai


My name is Drake. My given name is Pooya Mobarghai. I was born on a chilly day in November in the city of Tehran, Iran (Persia). I remember my dad had a villa in the mountains, a place called Shahandasht. Shahandasht means “the place of the kings.” Most weekends my family and I would go there. I remember that my sister and I used to have lots of fun hiking and picking fresh berries from the trees we climbed. After my fourth birthday, my father, who had the privilege of being a US Citizen, brought us to the United States because of the revolution in Iran.


I constantly transferred to different schools, from Plymouth to Bloomington, MN. After middle school I went to Jefferson Highschool. Most of my friends from middle school went to Kennedy High so it felt like I was missing out on quality time with them. I felt entwined with them so I transferred once again. However, after transferring I really didn't like high school and was struggling to make it. Homework was never my strong suit and since people were what motivated me, it was hard to get work done at home. So I transferred again to Choice Alternative Highschool and there I was slowly able to get on track through self reflection and discipline. I realized as a first generation individual it was my responsibility to make a future and name for myself. I am now looking forward to pursuing my passion for music in college.


I share my name with two phenomenal artists. Drake is a prominent musician whom inspires me to soar even higher; Pooya inspires me as he is the only Iranian artist of my generation to make it big in the music industry. I’m Drake (Pooya Mobarghai) and I am going to be the greatest Iranian artist of all time.


Never give up on your dreams.

Amani Wilson


The world sees you
But does not recognize your face
Nor does it acknowledge your eyes
Pain exists not to pass
But To become apart of the revolution that your soul continuously builds
Agony exists to not disappear
It will not drown in the endless waters flowing inside the tomb of my intellect
But fuel the ignition to relinquish comfortably demons taunting
Through the corners of thoughts
The invisible cannot conquer without me deteriorating
So I claim life with the dark and light
Comfortably with my demons