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Day 1 of Step Up Internship for Youth Justice!

Yesterday, June 14th was the first day of an eight-week internship between Step Up and LEAP. Five young adults will be collaborating with Rachel from LEAP & Malaika, Roni and Alisha from the Legal Rights Center. This summer, the group will be focusing on a multi-faceted approach to youth justice, connecting other young people to expungement resources, completing a "Know Your Rights" training, supporting the MN Youth Justice Coalition meetings, and creating their own campaign that mirrors the No Kids in Prison campaign.

We spent the first day taking a tour of our worksite (Bethlehem Community Center), having a delicious, organic lunch at the French Meadow Cafe, and building community amongst each other.

It is going to be a very rewarding, busy summer! If you have any young people or events that you would like this group to get connected with, please reach out to


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