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MIGIZI means "bald eagle" in Ojibwe

Providing a strong circle of support that nurtures the educational, social, economic and cultural development of American Indian youth.

Our Mission

Did you know only 50.8% of Native American students in Minnesota graduate high school?

We give young Native people the opportunity to receive culturally tailored academic support as well as professional career-driven programs. We believe in tackling the challenge of increasing graduation rates in a holistic manner in incorporating social and emotional well-being, cultural awareness, financial literacy, and nurturing foundational industry skills.

Interested in current programs or upcoming opportunities for young people to capitalize on? Wondering how you can make money while learning skills in  emerging industries such as the green energy and social media field? Or perhaps you're a student and need an organization that gets you for who you are so that you can focus on understanding your school work. At MIGIZI, we are all about the success of our young people and have been for over forty-five years.